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Monetize Your YouTube Channel (2021) – Tips Tricks

How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

If you want to monetize YouTube channel then this is the right place where I discuss how to monetize YouTube channel in 2021. My name is Akash chinaware and I am a full-time blogger, I have multiple YouTube channels which are recently monetized. And earn a decent amount of money from that.

Before going to in details, let’s understand what is monetization relevant in in YouTube.

Monetize YouTube Channel Meaning?

Let’s understand by Term monetize if you have a YouTube channel and If your YouTube channel videos having more views, Subscribers, Likes, and comments Then your YouTube channel having a higher chance to get monetized. After Monetize you can earn money from your YouTube channel.

Eligibility to Monetize YouTube Channel

To get Monetize YouTube Channel, YouTube set a basic criterion for that. Which is is your YouTube channel having at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours ( Watch Time Hours). this is the minimum criteria to get Monetize YouTube Channel. The meaning of having 4000 Hour’s Watch Time is your all videos of your YouTube channel watch time hours.

Benefits of Monetize YouTube Channel

YouTube Paid You once your YouTube channel get monetized. Before that YouTube will not pay a single penny.

  1. Earn money through your videos.
  2. Get Sponsorship.
  3. Having a Large Audience.
  4. Getting Promotion Ads.
  5. Many More.

Some of the Tips to Getting MonetizeYouTube Channel

Upload Your Videos Continuously

To grow on YouTube that’s means getting more subscribers and watch time for that you need to get more activeness on YouTube. Upload more quality content on your YouTube channel.

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Always follow your passion and create Video On Single Niche

This is another tip to grow on YouTube channel Or get Monetize YouTube Channel. Suppose if you have a YouTube channel where you can upload technical video or Gaming video then upload a video that is related to gaming Till your YouTube channel gets monetized.

Publish Your Content Timely

As I Mentioned Earlier, more activities on the YouTube channel, more subscribers more views You Get. Suppose if you upload your video once a week, next week same time same day, you can publish your video on your YouTube channel. The benefit of this tip is your audience can get your Content timely.


So this is the complete guide on How to Get Monetize YouTube Channel. One more bonus tip for you try to always create quality content. I hope this article will help you to succeed in your YouTube journey.