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Invest in Mutual Funds On Grow App – 2021

Are You Want To Invest in Mutual Funds On Grow App ??

Today’s time people want to invest their money but the problem is people things they don’t have a knowledge of investment so they cannot invest money. They hire someone who has a lot of knowledge in stock marketing mutual funds.

Invest in Mutual Funds On Grow App

But today we have an option like grow app in this app we can invest in any company also we can buy or sell stocks. As you read our post title which is Invest in Mutual FundsOn Grow App.

What is Grow App

Grow App is a platform where you can invest your money in mutual funds also you can buy and Sell Stocks. Where you can invest your money in two ways like First One is SIP which Means systematic investment planning and Other One is One Time Investment.

How To Invest in Mutual Funds Through Grow App

  1. Starting you need to download grow app from your mobile.
  2. This grow app which is available on Google Play Store.
  3. Now after downloading you can create your profile by login Via Email and Mobile Number.
  4. For security you need to set 4 digit pin code to access this application.
  5. Submit documents like Aadhar card pan Card.
  6. After Validate of All Documents, you can go through dashboard.
  7. In dashboard you can check multiple companies mutual fund performance from 1 week to 5 years.
  8. This will help you to take a decision to invest money on your choiceable profitable company.

Add Money And Invest

Now you can invest money by deposit small amount from your bank account on a particular company as a SIP or One Time Investment.

Whenever you add money and invest every transition recepit will be come on your email account by emailing through particular company and grow app.

Benefits of Investing Money

  1. You can check the performance of your investment through just your mobile.
  2. 200% security from the grow app.
  3. Their customer support is always good and 24 *7.
  4. Each of your transition have a valid recipet.