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How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021 – Complete Guide

Our today’s article is on How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021 if you are having blogging field you know no how important this is.

As we know writing a SEO friendly article it’s not easy job because writing a clever, point to point, are not efficient for SEO friendly article. You need to having a some knowledge of SEO search engine optimisation. Everybody wants there are articles ranks on top searches of the Google search engine. For this your article is fully SEO friendly article or well optimised article.

Before going into details my name is Surendra Parmar and I am a full time content writer. I write article for our many websites and I usually writes on niches like technical, affiliate product reviews. So in this post which is about how to write SEO friendly article and it it will definitely help in ranking your article in just 4 hour.

Below are the points which is the the main fact of SEO friendly article.

Finding a Right Keyword

Finding a right keyword for your article it’s not easy not just because of you not able to purchase premium tool help in finding the right keyword for your article. Because it is starting and you need to research on Google finding a free tool which is giving you accurate keyword. So here having a some free keyword finder tool who helped you in Write SEO friendly article.

this keyword research tool is free but just a couple of days. These keyword research tool will help you find the right keyword for your article and help in how to write SEO optimized article 2021.

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit
  • Google Search Console
  • Questiondb
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Google

now you can write a a 2 paragraph which is the length of 150 words of each paragraph. If the word limit is exceed then it affect the readibility and decrease your SEO score of your article.

Adding a Subheading or Sub Title

Subheading or subtitled also having a main title which you decide earlier in the post. By this you have added at least two times keyword already in your post or article.

Putting a Keyword in Article

it is not fixed criteria but you need to to insert your main keyword in a complete article multiple Times included in a Subtitle or a Sub heading. If you don’t understand then we can explain with example. Suppose you write an article and their length is is 1000 words so you need to to placing a main keyword in your article at least 5 times in your article. So By this phenomenon think you understand placing of Keyword in your article.

Add Alt Text in Your Image

it is also important you need to add Alt text in your image but please try to do not add in a featured image because sometimes we hide our featured image while open a post. And one thing is also important in your complete article one image alt text having a min keyword of your article it will help you in writing a how to write SEO friendly article 2021.

Add Featured Image

Adding a featured image in your blog post it’s not complete help in your Ranking a Article on Google but it helps in attractive looking of your post thumbnail.

For Complete Image SEO you need to download this PDF by clicking here.

Try To Avoiding These Thing’s

Don’t add copyright image in your Article

it is important for ranking top on Google search you need to to create image yourself rather than just uploading another unauthorised images. Because it violates the Google policy and having a copyright issue in your articles. Try to create a image yourself.

Now the question is how to create image for any blog post for our self.

for this this will need to make a profile on Canvas and design image for your article canva is free tool which provide you block banner, feature image etc.

Write a Plagiarism free content

yes it is important factor many bloggers it beginning they are trying to just copy paste of content from another website. But everything is on Google so Google verify each and every factors. So try to write a article yourself or if you have a budget to hire a content writer for your writing an article on your website then you can hire a content writer.

Permalinks having a Main keyword

Yes you heard right, your article permalinks is having a mean keyword so so it will help you in a ranking good in a search engine. Because buy this Google verify you that your article reflect a particular keyword that exactly a visitor wants. So so try to admin keyword of your article in in your permalinks this will help you in how to write SEO friendly article 2021.

Regularly Report of Site Health

it is also important thing that you need to check the continuous support of your article ranking for Google. you can check these analysis and analytics reports on Google analytics and Google search console whether your article is performing well or not. Because without analysing your content you cannot find whether your article is good or bad. At the same time you also so check your website speed because speed is the main factor whenever of visitor visit your website and your website speed is good then the content with load fast on Google. Also try to focusing on creating a backlinks. Try to create a quality backlinks from other popular website having a high DA, DR and PA. These all are factor that considering while you’re writing a SEO friendly article. This complete guide is about how to write SEO friendly article 2021.


if you are targeting that you need a AdSense approval then you need to follow the Google AdSense policies and this above steps. Everything is related to writing a SEO friendly article I mention in this article still if you find any query or suggestion for us you can comment in the comment box by just commenting. Every suggestion will help us.