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How To Start Blogging and Make Money (2021)

How To Start Blogging

How to Start Blogging in Hindi: In today’s time, everyone wants to do part time job to earn some extra money, people often work for money but the job is right for those who have their full time.

Is, but there are also many people who want to do the part-time job because they are busy doing their essential work for half of their time but they also want some money in their spare time.

Students and Housewives are some of the same people who keep searching for online part-time jobs, although there are a lot of part-time jobs available online like Survey Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs, and many more jobs today we will find that part-time Talking about work, which has become very famous in the recent few days is Blogging, the trend of blogging is increasing very fast in today’s society, according to a report, every year 2 lakh students are starting blogging, from this fact, it is known that how much trend has come, it is back to the top topic. The same take on how to start blogging?

Things you will need to start blogging are:

1. a computer/laptop

2. Basic Internet Connection

3. A Domain (Domain Name)

4. And a Basic Hosting Plan

Domain Name

Domain Name is the identity of any site like you just visited this site, you must have seen in the address bar of your browser, is written, this is our Domain Name, similarly you can also buy your Domain Name. Godaddy from companies like BigRock here.

You can also go to Blogger and get a free domain. But I will advise you to buy a top-level domain for yourself, because in the future when traffic will start coming to your blog, then you will need complete control. Your own domain will be the best for this on your blog.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting can be difficult to understand some people. But it is very easy, I understand it from this example, like suppose you bought a plot on which you built your house, added many things but there is no benefit of that house until it will have a correct address, If someone has to contact you, then he will come to your address, if you also have to invite someone, then you will give him your address.

If we see the same thing in the virtual world, then the domain is the address that you can give to people to invite them here, similarly web hosting is your plot here where you keep adding your things here. You can take Web Hosting from any Hosting Provider, in the same way I would recommend Godaddy’s Web Hosting because their service is very good compared to the rest of the Hosting Provider.

How To Choose Good Domain Name

If you already have a domain, scroll a little and read the second paragraph below.

I often see that new bloggers make many mistakes while taking domain name, always remember that your domain name should have all these things, only then take your domain name.

Easy to remember:

Never take any rubbish domain name, which is hard to speak or never take a domain name that has a lot of dashes like ‘’ to anyone who has such a domain name Will not remember but something like ‘’ makes it easy for you to remember and will come on tongue.

Unique and descriptive:

Your domain name should display the thing you want to write about or the subject on which you want to create your blog.


Domain extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .org, .info etc. are very popular. People often think about a website before ‘.com’. Never use domain extensions like .rocks, .biz, they are less used, difficult to remember and also not reliable.