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How To Make Videos Viral On Youtube (2021)

How To Make Videos Viral On Youtube

We will know How To Make Videos Viral On Youtube here. Some will talk about effective, effective, and valid ways to get maximum views on YouTube videos.

Youtube video title, tags, description Write things related to the video in the Video Description and keep mentoring the keywords in the same things. Be it the description, be it the title, or type the keyword once, then enter the related keywords from it. Give a link to your other video in the description, if you are telling about a website or application in the video, then give a link to that website or application in the description.

Easy Way To Make Videos Viral On Youtube

So let’s know how to rank YouTube Video, that is, to get maximum views on the video or can also say what things we have to pay attention to in order to make the video viral. Here we will understand things from basic to advanced in order to play YouTube video. In which some things you may already know and some may not.

How Viral a Video On YouTube

As you all know that the quality of the content of your video should be better first, like the sound of the video should be sharp and clean so that anyone can open your video in mobile and watch it, the air phone in the ear Do not have to apply.

How To Make Videos Viral On Youtube

You can make a good video, but if people are having to put an air phone in the ear due to its low voice, then only 40 out of 100 people will see your video. For the video to be in Full HD, the quality of your mobile camera should be good or there should be a separate camera. In addition to the good things mentioned in the video, the quality of the picture is also good, so the watchers and watch with fervor.

To make YouTube video viral, the length of your video should be at least 5 minutes or above, and what you are telling in the video should be understood by the people, there should not be stupid or boring things. Inside the video. Search on YouTube on any topic on which you are going to make a video and watch other videos related to that topic which have maximum views, and try to see what they have told you then in your video too. Explain things that are better and easier to understand.

Copyright Free Content

Videos should not have copyright background songs or images. There are many websites for free image or song from where you will be able to use them for free. You can filter and download songs from the YouTube library itself to use for free. Research keywords for YouTube Video thoroughly, for this you will get lots of free tools, and I will adjust you to remove the keyword for your video from google keyword planner tool.

Because Video also has to have searchable keywords, YouTube will make your video as the second one as well as it will also come in the search. And to be viral, it is very important for the video to come at the top of the search or at the second third. Main Keyword will remain in your title, it should also be in the video description and also in the tag, then relate it and remove the Keyword and then put it in the tag as well as mention it while writing the description. Put at least 15 keywords in the tag as well as the name of your YouTube channel as Keyword.

Viral On Youtube

Because you made Thumbnail very good, the click also started happening but after clicking a little video, the viewer comes back, then it will have the reverse effect on your video and YouTube will put your video in the garbage heap.

How To Viral Your Own Video

Easy Way To Make Videos Viral On Youtube, That is to say, make the video such that if anyone clicks on it, then see more than half of that video. Because when people will see more than half of your video, then this will send a message to YouTube that your video is knowledgeable. Then YouTube will start putting that video in the browse feature on the list.

If YouTube adjusts your video to 100 people and 20 out of 100 people also click on it and watch it for maximum time, then next time YouTube will send your video to 200 people. And by doing this, your video will continue to move forward.

Videos Viral On Youtube

Exact Way To Viral Video On YouTube And later on it may be your views on your video in millions or crores and it is called the viral of the video. Conversely, if your video does not have power and you have made Thumbnail very good that people click on but do not watch, then in such a way YouTube will push that video back and also the impression coming on your video. Will block And then when you put the next video, it will also get a very small impression because the impression of your previous video was blocked by YouTube.

Due to your one bad video, you may suffer a lot of damage, so try to make a lot of effort in whatever video you make so that people will see at least half of it.

What To Do After Video Viral?

It has often been seen that after a video is viral, people are lost in their happiness and forget to make a video. But after the video becomes viral, you have to make videos with more finesse and hard work. Because your video is in the browse feature of millions of people and when you create the next video and put it viral, your new video goes into the browse feature of all the people who are in the browse feature. And then they also watch it because they liked your previous video.

After the video goes viral, if you do not make a video for a long time, then the people who had the browse feature in your Viral Video goes out slowly and then you create a new video and then you will see the number of people who will get the notification. That is to say, you put a video on YouTube and YouTube puts it in the browse feature of people, then when you put the next video, then the previous video automatically goes into the browse feature of the people who had the browse feature. . Apart from this, YouTube also sends in the browse feature of even more new people. So we should keep uploading the video content.

How To Get the Most Out of Being a Video Viral?

Video does not tell us before being Viral that I am going to be Viral. So, if you upload any video, then definitely put your other video on its end screen and card. Because when the video is viral, then a good view comes in the video inserted in the end screen and card along with it. Even after the video is viral, if you have not put another video in the end screen and card, then you can change it anytime. If you have got a thousand subscribers on your channel and you have not received the Community tab, then by watching the video below, appeal to YouTube for the Community tab.


You can also put your friend or colleague’s video on the end screen and card of your video. So, friends, you have learned here How To Make Videos Viral On Youtube If you still have any question, then I will reply to comment