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How to Earn Easy Money Online in India (2021)

With 60% of the population are start working online and not only trying to earn money online they earn very e hai amount of money e online. It is around $1000 dollars per month. So therefore we are come up with a post or article which is based on how to earn easy money online in India.

In India or in the whole world peoples are losing their job due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses are stop running and not earning money. In this critical time, we are introducing you to the 10 best ways to earn money online in 2021. First of all if you think that by reading this post is just enough to earn money then this is a wrong place for you because reading is not the the way to earn money e but if you take some action for earn money e then these 10 ideas are definitely work for you.

I start this website TecguideNow just because of it’s my another income source of Mine. In this website you see there are many blogs are there to success in life. This article is purely based on 10 easiest way to earn money online or we can say how to earn easy money online in India.

If you think little invest of money to start a career in in any field is waste or not worth for you then it’s totally wrong because you don’t know no this small investment which is around 2000 to 5000 maximum and this investment is changing your life in in a way a to earn money $1000 per month.

Top 10 Ideas in How to Earn Easy Money in India 2021

Start Freelancing Work

If you start a freelancing work online then you need to know some fact about them first of all we discuss a benefits from working freelancing.

  • There is is no boss it means you are the the only boss here.
  • There is is no limits on earning money.
  • You can start working whenever you you want.

So so before starting are freelancing work you need to choose field where you have a some knowledge of that field or or it’s belongs from your passion about something.

Suppose if you are interested in writing then you go for a content writing, for photography, for Designing etc.

After choosing your passion, your profession you need to choose a platform where you can get a projects. So below are the list of of the platform where you can take a project and complete them within the time period. And earn $5 to $3000 per project it’s depend on you. therefore you need to to choose below any platform and make a profile on them and get a project.

Start YouTube Channel

Becoming a successful youtuber in a YouTube it’s not easy e in today’s time because the competition is very very high. But if you have a potential, you are ready to come in front of camera, if the people like your content then you will be the successful youtubers in futures. For starting a YouTube channel you need to Create a channel on YouTube by your email ID post your video on your YouTube channel.

Everybody is creating our YouTube channel but the basic problem is arising views like and share. yes if you face this issue then we have a solution for you you can get the traffic for me Google ad for your YouTube video you can just get a 1000 views in just 20 rupees bye Google ad this will help you you in boosting your videos on YouTube. Once your YouTube channel is established then you don’t need to be e posting your videos on YouTube channel.

Earn By Affiliate Marketing

If I personally talking about this then you can earn $3000 per month in affiliate marketing. For this you don’t need to any skills or courses for extra learning. you need only a targeted audience or a genuine audience where you can sale any product to that customer and get 25% Commission from each product for sale.

For affiliate marketing you don’t need to choose a particular field. Means if you have interested in blogging then you can join a various domain and hosting provider affiliate programs like siteground, godaddy, bluehost etc. Aur any field like clothing, home appliance, kitchen appliance and any product auto service by selling them you can get a commission from them.

Start a Blog And Earn Money

Yes if you’re willing to take a small chance towards investment or invest money then you are definitely ee go for blogging. Blogging in 2021 are becoming a very popular way to earn money from Google AdSense and various sponsored companies or brands. This is our fourth way in the post which is how to earn easy money online in India. Starting a blog you need to choose a niches it means in which field you start a blogging either it is beauty, health, financial blogs Etc. After choosing your niche you can go for a purchasing domain.

These are our best domain provider.

After that you need to choose a hosting for them.

These are our best hosting provider in India.

If you want a virtual hosting in just 1000 INR For 1 Year. Then Click Here

After getting a domain and hosting you need to choose a theme for them. Theme like GeneratePress.

After using all these three you can start a a career in blogging in make $1000 per month by just Google AdSense.

Invest Money in Mutual Funds and Stock Market

In 2020 if we talking about how to earn easy money online in India then investment is the best way to earn more. Obviously UP basic knowledge is needed for investing a money in mutual funds or any stock Market. For this if you don’t have any knowledge of investing money aur share market then you just just download a Google app which is Grow App this I will help you to to invest a money in the various companies like ICICI, Reliance, Axis Bank. In this app you will be finds last 1 year to 5 years performance of the company they give you the exact calculation of investing a money from hundred to 10 lakh.

Also in this app you will be able to to buy a shares of any company by just their last previous performance from 10 years or after you purchasing a share you can sell it from the same app which is grow app.

Providing Hosting at a Very Low Prices

YouTube does not have a knowledge to start a website or YouTube channel. then you go for this idea this is the best and smartest way to earn money in India. That’s why we recommend this idea into how to to earn easy money online in India.

For this we need to Purchase highest plan any hosting provider like siteground, A2 hosting, bluehost etc. After that you can add unlimited website to your hosting provider for a charging money from 2000 to 3000 INR PER YEAR.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Many startups and small business need a high performance in the social media. Companies are looking for that growing their business online or digitally. By becoming a social media management you need to be a influencer by this you can promote the companies product and their service on social media for their you can charge a Money from that company. By this idea you will be Earn 50000 INR per month depending upon the company.

This is the best opportunity for do you use social media regularly like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. You have some knowledge of Facebook ad, Google ad etc.

Work As a Content Writer

If you have interested in a writing if you can right a readable article for any website which is related to a blog post. Every website holder wants a content writer for them. The job of content writing is that write article for that website which is the length of 1000 words to 5000 words or more. For them you can charge a per word cost. Buy this you can earn thousand rupees per day.

Now we can talk about how you find these website holder there are a several platform where you can work as a freelancing content writer. Below these are the platform where you can worked as a freelancing content writer.

Establish E-Commerce Store

If you have a brand or products then you can see the product online by creating a store or store front. Therefore you need to you have a products.

For this you need to have a valid domain and hosting for that. After that you can add a product on your eCommerce site then you can sale your product online and get high benefits and more sales.

Developing Software Base Products

If you have a knowledge of making a software products like an application, websites, ecommerce website, mobile application etc. Then this is the golden opportunity for you for this you can find a platform where you can get a project.

There is a several platform where you can get a web development projects.


These are the top 10 best ways to earn money. As we know our post is based on how to earn easy money e online in India 2021 so these several ideas will help you to succeed in your life if you choose any of these money-earning ways in the future or now. You know that some of the Idea want some investment of money in that but you don’t worry because this investment will help you to succeed in your life in this field.

These ideas are only working if you going for the research on social media, Google for particular topics or ideas. if you think this all the best way in how to earn easy money online in India then please comment in the comment box. or if you have some doubts or a suggestion for us then please let me know by just comment in the comment box we will try to reply of your queries or suggestion for us.

Thank You…!!!