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5 Best Instant Loans App in India (2021) – Reviews

Best Instant Loans App in India 2021, As we know that due to the covid-19 pandemic after lockdown lot of peoples are lost their jobs and during these four to five months of lockdown 30% of people are lost their permanent jobs. Therefore many peoples are suffering from financial issues until they can’t find another job. It’s not about losing your jobs but 45% of the peoples are 22% to 40% of people’s salary is reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore lots of peoples are trying to apply for loans in banks like SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, etc. But due to coronavirus for COVID-19 pandemic get a loan from Bank is really harder and tough because they a charge of very high-interest rate it and they gave a loan to the people who have a very high paid salary or you can purchase a loan according to your properties, your vehicles.

We are getting a loan from traditional banks is really tough and very time-consuming. So in modern times, you can avail of a loan from your smartphones from 3000 rupees to 100000 lakhs or more. And their approval time is instant or at most 24 hours. So in this post which is the best loan applications for Best Instant Loans App in India 2020 we are come up with our recommendation having a 10 + mobile application Android application in which you can avail a loan by just sitting in your home there is is no processing fees before taking a loan.

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We added the application in this post these apps are Google certified, and highly trustworthy. If we talking about the documents requirement then these facts are really shocking to you. Only Aadhar card, PAN card, your selfie, your registered mobile number with Aadhar card, your email ID, and in some cases last 3 or 6 months bank statements. One more thing account is also necessary. These loans are for full salaried, part-time jobs, businessmen, and students.

In emergencies, these applications take emergency contact numbers in case if you do not repay their loans on time. Everything related to loans like loan agreement, senator letter, privacy policy, and interest rate or Tenures are specified in the applications. These loans are really beneficial for those who need money for there necessity.

Please note that our research to finding this application on the Play Store or Google does not guarantee that these apps give you loans. Because the loan procedure includes many factors like CIBL scores etc. But in the end, our personal experience says that there is a 95% chance that these mobile applications give you a loan according to your CIBL scores.

Below are the list of Best Instant Loans App in India 2020 and their interest rates, limits For Beginner’s, app rating, approval time, and downloads links.

Data source:- Google Play Store and its websites or personal experience.

Benefits of taking a loan from mobile apps.

  • The give you loans when you need, urgent needs.
  • Some mobile apps give you a credit card so you can shop from these apps.
  • Many Loans Apps provides a facility to Shop any product from Flipkart, Amazon ( EMI) , And heavily discounts in Apps like Oyo, Make My Trips.
  • Lower interest rates compared to traditional loans.
  • Approval in 5 minutes.
  • Fewer documents required.

Top 5 Best Instant Loans App in India 2021


Best Instant Loans App in India

This Kreditbee it is the most popular mobile app to be known for personal loans providing for the last couple of years. It having its official websites and a certified Google Play a store mobile application. This application is India’s fastest personal loans platforms. This application is providing you loans in just 15 minutes. Complete the online process and you can avail a loan of 1000 to 2 lacs with the interest rate of just 0 – 2.49% depending upon customer profiles. For a new customer, they charge a very low and minimum interest rate. A very important factor is they don’t charge any processing fees before loans. All charges are cut from your loan amount and the remaining money is disbursement in your account.

Even students can take a loan from this application. If you’re talking about eligibility criteria of taking a loan from this app then few things are like Indian citizen, age is is more than 21 year, KYC address proof, minimum salary of 10,000, Aadhar Card ,PAN card, and to getting higher amount this application is Ask for previous 6 Month bank statement. This application is also providing a loan on vehicle.

What we like

  • Approval in 15 minutes
  • If you repay on time next time you can get a higher amount
  • From this app, you can shop on top eCommerce site like Amazon, Flipkart (EMI)
  • This application is having 20 million users.

The loan guarantee is 99%



Kissht is the second mobile application on the list of Best Instant Loans App in India 2020. This application is serving a loan with two more services. Like online shopping because kissht app is having a brand partner like Samsung, MakeMyTrip, etc. This application is having a similar procedure to kreditbee. The Kissht app is a completely digital procedure application. If you’re talking about the interest rate they charge is 0 to 3%. The Kissht app is having an official website on Google. With this Kissht app also have a Google Play Store app. If we I am talking about the procedure then their eligibility criteria are simply having an Indian citizen with a valid Aadhar Card and PAN card. This application is not asking about the salary but they ask your family monthly income in the case of students.

From Student to a retired person everyone can take a loan from this app depending upon their income sources. The best thing is each and every processor in this app is completely online and the approval rate is very high chances. Basic KYC is there like Aadhar card address proof. Normal things are needed like Aadhar card, Pan Card, Valid Back Account, Email Id, and Statement if they Required.

What we like

  • Loan approval in 5 minutes
  • Very easy process
  • Completely online
  • Highly trustworthy and certified from Google Play Store.
  • If you repay on time then you can get a higher amount from this app

The loan guarantee is 95%


cashgo loan

This application is also popular in the last couple of months. Because of providing you a loan in this COVID 19 pandemic time. If you repay on time we can get a higher amount from this application. Everyone can get a loan from this app. There is no restriction for students. Normal basic documents needed Aadhar card, pan card, Valid Bank Account, Email Id, and Basic KYC for Address proof. The interest rate is up to 5%. After approval, the money is disbursement in your account within 10 to 20 minutes. 100 % secure and certified application in India.

Cash go app giving your time off 7 days to 2 months according to their loan amounts and customer profiles. In some cases, they required the statement of your bank account. Right now they are serving in all over India. If we talking about the risk factor it means what happens when you can’t pay the loan on time in the case of over dues then the loan recovery team will charge on you so please tried to pay on time.

What we like

  • Instant approval.
  • In a 10 to 20 minutes money will be disbursement in your account
  • Students can take a loan from this app.
  • Emergency contact is needed.
  • Highly fast approval rates.

The Loan guarantee is 85%


Is the application procedure is also simple having four steps? The first step is to download the app second step is to fill in your details, Checking your eligibility, and the money will be disbursement in your account. Fast approval rates and very easy process loans. The interest rate is from zero to 3%. And you can get an amount of 5000 to 25000 from this app. It’s beginning they provide you loan from 3000 to 5000. For eligibility Aadhar card, Pan Card, Valid Bank Account, Email, And for a higher amount bank statement is required.

Rupee Max having an official website on Google and its app is 100% secure. There is also a risk factor that you need to repay on time. They provide you a higher amount of loan who you have a salary of 200000 Per Annum. They only provide you alone if you are 21 years old or more. For students, they give you on the loan basis of your family monthly incomes.

What we like

  • 30 minutes Approval Time
  • It beginning 15 days Tenures
  • Highly fast approvals
  • Students also can apply for this.
  • The loan amount will be an increase in the good performance of customers.

The Loan guarantee is 87%

Krazy Rupee

This Krazyrupee application is also popular we give you a loan of 3500 at the Beginning. Having interest rates off of a minimum of 3%. They give you a loan very fast within 3 minutes of approval. Yes, you heard right 3 minutes is a very fast time for Approval in the loan. A basic KYC is required like the verify your address by just uploading Aadhar card on this application. For taking a loan from this application you are an Indian citizen, your age is older than 21 years, Aadhar Card and PAN card is required, e-mail and valid bank account is required to getting a loan from this application.

If we talking about who can apply for this loan then students also can apply for this and others are only eligible to take this loan. They gave you 7 days time for repay a loan For Beginner’s. And Within 3 Minutes your Loan if Approved.

What We Like

  • 3 minutes approval Time
  • fewer Documents is required
  • 7 Days to 15 Days Repayment is There
  • Very Easy Process
  • Highly recommended and Most Trustworthy.

The Loan guarantee is 99.99%