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Best Way To Earn Money From Blogging (2021)

Blogging is a great way to express yourself! This will write you about topics close to your heart. And gives an opportunity to share their views/opinions with millions of people. Also, you earn thousands to millions of income opportunities by Best Way To Earn Money From Blogging.

You can make good money from blogging! If you are thinking of starting your own blog (start your own blog) or are fresher in blogging. Then, this is a must read article for you.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest and best way to blogging your blog make money. Even if you use other 24 methods to earn money from your blog. Google AdSense can provide you with excellent revenue. More than 70% of my income comes from AdSense only! The other 30% of my income comes from these 24 methods. If you have not started your blog, start here today. (Start your blog here) Your hard work and interest can make you rich. There are many other ad networks similar to AdSense. But, there is nothing equivalent to Google AdSense. I tried many of them. But, stopped after some time.

Apart from ad network, you can take direct ads. But Banner, to sell pop-up and e-Newsletter ads directly. It would take a little more work than using something like Google AdSense.

So people who don’t have an AdSense account! Or they want to earn more money by showing other ads with Google. Then they partner with other ad networks. Apart from ad network, you can take direct ads. But Banner, to sell pop-up and e-Newsletter ads directly. It would take a little more work than using something like Google AdSense. So, be ready to negotiate pricing, decide on terms and conditions and prepare invoice. You can start by contacting smaller brands, retail outlets in your local area based on the domain / topic you have written. And yes, it is better to charge a flat rate for the tedious task of tracking the views and clicks of each ad.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you make some extra efforts then you can make more income with Google AdSense. CJ, VCommission, ShareASale, or direct merchant such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. can become partners with many affiliate network. Here you need to promote related products from your blog category through your blog! When someone clicks on the product link (your affiliate link), you get a commission from the merchant. When you are referring to a product in your post. So, you can use banner ads on your blog or add a link to your post. Linking to your post is more effective! Because people consider this link to be recommendation from your blog and not from some ads.

Once you learn the tricks and secrets of affiliate marketing. Then, you will hate other ways to earn money by blogging from your blog.

3. Write Paid Reviews

This may sound similar to the preceding point. But, this is not at all the same. Here you will be paid by companies or brands to review their products / services on your blog. For example, if your blog is about the latest mobile phones in the market. Then, the smartphones manufacturer can send you your latest model to review and write on your blog. And did I mention, they will pay you for your rating or review. There are many popular blogs that do paid product reviews in different categories! And make a great income from it.

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4. Start Consulting Services

Apart from Paid webinars hosting, this is another payment services that you can consider. If you are a blogger who is considered an expert in your niche / domain. Then, you can earn income by exprtise and skill share as a consultant. All you have to do is prepare an attractive list of hourly consultations, email advice and DIY packages. Then you are ready to earn money by blogging. You can always test this service among your existing audience / readers. Then, based on their reaction, it can be fixed.

5. Create & Sell E-Books

Creating and selling digital information products is also a tried and tested method of earn money by blogging. E-books are a popular option in this category – because they are relatively simple to write and produce. Think that you are spending your head in search of a possible topic. And here is an easy way for you. If you have been blogging for some time! So all you need to do is to collect your old But relavant blog posts. And they need to be converted into chapters for their E-book. Once the content is ready. To design a cover and create a PDF of your E-book. Can use online tools like Canva.

6. Freelance Writing Gigs

Popularity comes with its own dangers and in your case it can be media platforms (online and offline) and other websites! Those who request you to write something for their magezine / website. For example, if your expertise is in the area of ​​prudent financial investment. Then, a financial newspaper or website may ask you to write a paid article on investment planning tips for your readers. However, to qualify for such freelance opportunities! You should be particularly knowledgeable about the topic and have some credible among readers. If you manage it Then, it can turn into a good source of regular extra income for you.

7. Flipping Websites And Make Money Blogging

Blog flipping or website flipping might be a good idea to earn some extra money by blogging! It even has the potential to become a highly profitable full time bussiness, if done correctly. Idea is quite simple. You just buy websites (or blogs) which are not doing well. But, there are many possibilities. Next, you use your expertise as a proffesional blogger. So, they can be sold around and rotated for good proffit. However, caution is needed here. When trying to buy or sell websites, it is always a good idea to use reputed online marketplace. Like Flippa or FreeMarket.